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Dig Out That Worm

Internet worms.
Is your PC infected?

If your computer has become infected with a worm, don't panic, it is not the end of the world.

There area number of things that you can do.

Microsoft has a security web page.

It offers up to the minute information on the latest security threats and worms. It also provides you with all of the tools to dig out the worms and fix any damage that they may have caused.

I expect that most of you are saying that you already have protection. May I ask a question?

"Is it up-to-date?"

We all know that virus protection is essential. The trouble is that a lot of us have not updated our virus protection software since we purchased our computer possibly three or four years ago.

The chances are that it is completely useless against the latest threats.

I am using AGV anti virus. I have found it to be totally reliable. There are other programs that I expect are just as good. Zone alarm also has a very good reputation, so does F-secure. Go to Google and type in "anti virus programs" and you will get more results than you could shake a stick at.

You only need one of these programs on your computer at one time. More than one and they tend to get confused and anything could happen.

Whatever program you use, be sure to keep it up-to-date. There are new viruses coming out almost on a daily basis. Try to get an update at least once a week. It's always better to be safe than sorry.

A lot of programs will email you when a new virus appears and offer the appropriate update as part of their service.

Whatever you do, don't leave it until tomorrow. Tomorrow may be too late.

Do it now and sleep easy. Viruses have been known to cause nightmares.

All the best. Bob?


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