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In 1984 I was partnered with a Cable TV engineer and founding father by the name of Ray Osborne. He was working with people developing oscillating noise loop broadband technologies. These technologies were eventually bought by the Pentagon to use in untappable secure message or information transmissions. I imagine this technology now uses the Quantum teleporting and faster than light methods put out for contract in late 2001 by Mr. Everett of the Durham Army Depot. Ray had earlier worked with the Canadian Department of Communications on a brainwave enhancing device similar to a helmet and things I had read about that the Russians believed would someday allow the mind to move mountains (even literally) according to Psychic Discoveries Behind the Iron Curtain.

Ray told me about an experiment they did with him and another person wearing a helmet with energy inputs and electrodes attached to this helmet he wore. As the experiment was about to start, Ray had a need to have a cigarette and as he reached to get one and light it up, the thought energy directed ESP (or brainwavelength ability) was sent to the person across the courtyard who was sitting in the window so they could see each other. That person was sent into a coma and his hair turned white - thus ended the experiment on that day. Ray was not part of continued experiments and I suppose they considered stopping it for a while but I cannot believe they did not continue these researches. The military loves to have these things and they would rationalize that they must have the ability to counter any enemy who might have them too.

The Russians were the ones who tabled the removal of non-lethal weapons from the research of all signators to SALT. The Americans recently removed themselves from SALT on a uni-lateral basis. I believe SDI and HAARP are connected to these things and I fear other mind-control machines such as Dr. Persinger of Laurentian University is working on with the Earth Energy Grid will be involved. This will happen whether he and his boss Jack Verona of the Defense Intelligence Agency in the US know it or not. Los Alamos is working on a further refinement of superconductive helmetry and brain enhancements under the acronym SQUID as we see in this posting from my neuroscience forum. I do not have the original source of the posting but will follow it with another posting linkage to the University of Toronto research and related matters.

"Magnetic measurements of brain activity could be free from noise in the future thanks to a new helmet-like device developed by medical physicists at the Los Alamos National Laboratory in the US. Magnetoencephalography (MEG) is the only technique that can directly measure neuronal activity in the brain, but it is plagued by background noise that interferes with signals from the brain itself. The new helmet could provide much more accurate information on brain function (P Volegov et al. 2004 Phys. Med. Biol. 49 2117).

MEG is a non-invasive technique that provides detailed information on the brain in almost real time by using superconducting quantum interference device (SQUID) sensors to measure the magnetic fields generated by currents flowing in and around neurons. However, these magnetic field signals are extremely weak -- typically between about 10-14 and 10-13 Tesla -- and are therefore easily overwhelmed by background magnetic noise. Although various techniques exist to reduce this noise, none are entirely satisfactory because they can also reduce the size of the signals produced by the brain itself.

The helmet designed by the Los Alamos team is made from a layer of superconducting lead and is placed around the SQUID sensors (see figure). The helmet needs to kept at temperatures below 8 kelvin -- in a liquid helium cryostat -- for the lead to be superconducting. The device works on the principle that Meissner currents flow on the surface of the superconductors in the helmet. These currents expel magnetic flux, therefore preventing any external magnetic fields from penetrating the helmet. Moreover, unlike previous methods, the helmet can be placed close to the head without affecting signals produced by the brain.

The scientists have already tested their helmet on real patients and say that background noise signals can be reduced by more than six orders of magnitude, making it the most effective system to date. However, the device still needs to be improved because noise levels are still relatively high around the brim." "Vortex dynamics in superconducting systems imaged by Scanning SQUID Microscopy Abstract

Using a Scanning SQUID Microscope (SSM), we have studied vortex distributions in various superconducting systems. The excellent flux sensitivity of the SSM allows us to resolve individual vortices for low flux density. Field cooling produces quenched vortex patterns which can be disordered in strong-pinning Nb films or well ordered into a lattice in a-MoGe films with weak pinning. Surface steps alter the field-cooled patterns, with vortices formed in dense rows along the low side of steps with few vortices near the high side. We observe an asymmetry in the dynamics of vortices around the surface steps under the application of a driving force. The vortex line tension impedes vortex motion from thin parts of the superconductor to thick regions, while not affecting the opposite motion down the steps. We have also investigated the behavior of vortices in thin superconducting strips in a perpendicular magnetic field, a complex problem due to the large demagnetizing effects. These geometrical barriers are frequently encountered in transport measurements on high-Tc superconductors. Strips with transverse surface steps as well as strips with a uniform cross section have been imaged. We are attempting to correlate the observed vortex distributions with transport measurements of the vortex dynamics in the strips."

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Lauren poe was re-elected to his second term as Gainesville mayor tonight. Poe earned over 60 percent of the votes with about 7100 votes, the incumbent said ...

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Vivian Livingood is the mayor of Gilbert, a southern West Virginia town of under 500 people that has struggled for years without reliable internet.

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Indiana is launching a $100 million program to expand broadband internet services across rural parts of the state.

Feds invest in rural broadband

By Jim Algie. Tuesday's federal budget promised “universal high-speed Internet for every Canadian” by 2030 “no matter where they are located.” Drew Spoelstra ...

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PORT TOWNSEND — Jefferson County Public Utility District officials plan to survey customers about their internet needs. Commissioners aim to help expand ...

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) - Internet usage is at an all-time high in California, according to a new report by the Public Policy Institute of California.

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Most people in Chautauqua County don't have access to internet at broadband speeds. According to a study done by Microsoft, 162.8 million Americans, ...

City celebrates milestone for Connexion broadband service, but sign-up dates still unknown  The Coloradoan

Workers are busy laying fiber optic lines throughout the city.

Slic works toward broadband expansion for thousands

NICHOLVILLE — Thousands of homes in rural Northern New York are slated to receive high-speed internet from a local provider in the next year to 18 months.

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Liberty Broadband Corp Series A (NASDAQ:LBRDA) and Liberty Latin America (NASDAQ:LILA) are both consumer discretionary companies, but which is the ...

Democrats' Net Neutrality Bill Would Force Ajit Pai to Actually Do His Job  Gizmodo

Top congressional Democrats on Wednesday introduced legislation to restore the open internet rules repealed by the Trump administration in December 2017.

Budget includes money for SM, national food policy, rural high-speed internet  Western Producer

The Trudeau government rolled out its pre-election budget Tuesday, promising to boost access to broadband internet, fund a national food policy and.

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NORTHAMPTON — The City Council approved funding for a two-part feasibility study on building a municipal broadband network on first reading Thursday, ...

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THE GREAT detective has summoned everyone to the library. “I was asked to identify the culprit behind the growing wave of wage inequality” he says.

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Should Annabel Felton ever get broadband Internet at her home, it will be too late for her daughters, who are both in college. But it won't be too late for her, ...

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With startup funds and an engagement and outreach grant, University of Tennessee assistant professor Sreedhar Upendram has launched an initiative that ...

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Competition among 5G stocks is heating up as high-speed wireless companies jockey for position in a society-altering industry.

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Viasat Inc (NASDAQ:VSAT) institutional sentiment decreased to 0.88 in 2018 Q4. Its down -0.37, from 1.25 in 2018Q3. The ratio has worsened, as 65 investment ...

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