Broadband Internet Information

Broadband Internet Information

Broadband - Will it Affect Your Online Marketing Future?

The coming age of general Broadband use bearing down upon us, minute by minute, is going to leave many changes in its wake. Some will be welcome; others will demand all we can do, just to keep up!Of course, items like high quality graphics, streaming video and movies on demand will be commonplace.

A Cheap Alternative To Broadband?

Are you a dial-up user looking for a faster connection, but don't like Broadband prices? If so, you should take a look at a new service called OnSpeed, which has received rave reviews in Internet technology publications.What OnSpeed does is to re-route web pages and email via its own servers, compressing the data on the fly prior to sending it onwards to your PC.

Ka Band -Affordable Satellite Internet On The Way!

Ka Band VSAT* satellite internet technology has enormous possibilities for telecommuters, rural locations and eventually for Motor Home users around the U.S.

DSL Internet is a Simple and Easy Way to Get Fast Internet Service

DSL - which stands for Digital Subscriber Line - is a great way to get high-speed internet service, without having to get a cable modem, or live in an area that has cable lines. DSL providers have very fast and comparatively cheap internet connectivity.

The Coming Television Revolution

The revolution is just getting started and will be begin to make its mark this year. By 2010, it will begin to take off.

Wi-Fi Hotspot Security

You've set up your Boingo account, you're hanging out at the Home Turf sports bar in LAX and you figure you'll do a little business or check your e-mail while sipping a Chardonnay. Well, that's the point of Wi-Fi hotspots; being able to take care of a few things while in a relaxing atmosphere.

Broadband is State-of-the-Art Internet Access: How Can a Broadband Cable Benefit You?

We are now well ensconced in a time when the Web is riddled with graphics, animations, sounds, and videos, bringing about a necessity for superior internet access such as that which broadband can provide. The fact is that anything less than the speed supplied by a broadband cable has become inadequate for today's Web users.

Remotely Connecting by Satellite To the Hospital - 2005

Hospital's and the Medical Professionals associated with them across America have discovered during the last few years that a great deal of efficiency can be accomplished by utilizing the World Wide Web to connect Doctors, Surgeons, Medical Transcribers and remote or mobile Clinics together. A specialist can instantly review an X-Ray or medical chart half way around the world or from a very remote area.

Time to Redefine Telecom

Telecommunication, according to Wikipedia, is the extension of communication over a distance. In practice, it also recognizes that something may be lost in the process; hence the term 'telecommunication' covers all forms of distance and/or conversion of the original communications, including radio, telegraphy, television, telephony, data communication and computer networking.

What are Your Internet Connection Solutions?

Of primary concern to all internet users is their actual connection to the internet.A user needs to look at all the factors and weigh the benefits and costsReliability - is the connection available 24/7, or do you get a busy signal?Speed - at what speeds can a user upload and download files?Costs - what are the setup and monthly costs for the internet connection service?Support - is support available 24/7 and is it free or is there a cost associated with it?Availability - is the desired service available at your location?Available options with good and bad features include:Local dial up with phone company (local isp) - While this many times is the simplest, often times, they are the most costly and support can be an issue.

3 Tips to Fix Unreliable Wireless Connections

Generally speaking, wireless computer connections are reliable. However, nothing is perfect, and sometimes you may lose your connection or experience a weak signal.

Why You Should Switch To A Fast Internet Connection

With high-speed Internet access becoming available in more and more areas, perhaps it is now available in your neck of the woods. If it is, you might be wondering if it makes sense to upgrade from dialup.

Business Satellite Internet Products Compared - 2005

There are a number of options available for Business Class Satellite Internet connectivity in the U.S.

Google Brings Millions of Hard-to-Find Library Books to Your Fingertips

Millions of hard-to-find books from five major libraries will soon be a lot easier to access: Google has made plans to scan and digitize them, making the books available on their widely used Internet search engine.Google's latest endeavor is a large step beyond previous attempts to scan books so they can be read online (Google, Amazon.

Wifi Hotspot Locations for that a Good Thing?

Recent companies have been advertising wifi hotspot locations that are 'turnkey' (they can run themselves), and only cost between $13,000 and $20,000 to start. Is that good?First of all, if it's so turnkey then why aren't they just popping off wifi hotspot locations left and right for themselves, is it their newfound generosity that has them 'sharing' the opportunities they have available.

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WTOV Steubenville

Broadband internet to be expanded across Belmont County
WTOV Steubenville
Agile Networks, a provider of hybrid fiber wireless broadband data networks, will utilize the county's water towers, grain silos, communication towers, and any other vertical assets to increase availability of high-speed internet services to the ...


AT&T expands broadband internet coverage to rural areas | WHIZ ...
ZANESVILLE, Ohio- Many rural areas in Muskingum County are still without broadband Internet, but that will soon be changing. Today many local and state ...

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Effort to bring broadband internet, better cell service to Northwest Corner continues
Torrington Register Citizen
GOSHEN - The effort to improve broadband internet access and cell phone coverage in the Northwest Corner continues. Felicia Jones, project coordinator with Northwest ConneCT, provided an overview of the project and a timeline for the future of the ...

Broadband internet projects underway in several Franklin County ...
Lt. Governor Karyn Polito was assisting Franklin County towns in their mission to connect more people to the internet.

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Greene County Holding Community Forum on Broadband Internet ...
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Folks in Greene County have a chance to learn more about the county's broadband internet project. A community forum is scheduled to be held October 16 in ...

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Sacramento Bee

Report shows West Virginia ranks 47th in broadband Internet access
The News Center
The bill would require the FCC to collect valid broadband coverage data, which will be used in Mobility Fund II, which would provide $4.53 billion over ten years to expand broadband Internet service in rural and un-served areas across the U.S ...
Meeting planned to discuss broadband Internet serviceBeckley Register-Herald

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Romanian prosecutors investigate project for broadband Internet in villages
Romanian anti-organized crime prosecutors have opened a criminal investigation into the EUR 85 million RO-NET project, which aimed to introduce broadband internet in Romania's isolated rural areas with EU money. The Directorate for Combatting ...

Cut to the Chase - Farm bureau has a long history
Cedar County Republican
This central purpose has guided us through more than a century of change and growth and has incorporated such wide-ranging challenges as rural electrification, spreading modern agriculture practices and deployment of broadband internet.

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Southwest Virginia Today

Increasing access to broadband internet a goal for candidate in 7th District
Southwest Virginia Today
Ketner said she wants to take broadband internet to the final step – last mile broadband. “Every house should be able to be connected to a signal. Access has to be available.” She explained that she is working on legislation to make that possible ...

Vodafone Romania launches fixed broadband internet for companies
Vodafone, the second biggest mobile carrier in Romania, has launched a new offer for corporate clients, offering them fixed broadband internet services.

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