Audio Streaming Information

Audio Streaming Information

Creating Web Content Using Audio Recordings of Expert Interviews

Creating Web Content Using Audio Recordings of Expert Interviews The easiest way to create content for your websites is also one of the best ways to create value for your clients. It's a wonderful technique that when used well can make a big difference to how professionally your work is perceived in the marketplace.

Why Arent You Using Audio?

As use of the Internet continues to grow geometrically, we see an increased demand for information to be provided by a variety of media. Viewing options can range from simple text to PDF documents to video clips.

7 Ways to Use AUDIO to Increase Your Web and E-mail Sales

Thought about adding audio to your Web site yet? You should. While great copy does a good job of selling your services and products, audio will amplify the effect of your words.

The Ten Commandments To Creating Amazing Audio Products

1.Thou shall create audio products as the fastest way to come out with a product.

7 Ways to Use Website Audio in Your Marketing Arsenal

Most visitors to your website are using computers with audio capabilities. Recently introduced techniques make it easy to take advantage of this capability.

Heres Exactly What Makes Web Audio So Powerful

Have you ever tried to communicate with another person using just actions and sign language? It gets pretty frustrating, doesn't it? Especially when you know that if you could just SAY a few words, they'd get the picture, almost instantly.Well, imagine if the website you've put up on show.

CD/DVD Master Preparation Tips

"CD/DVD Master" is the disc you provide to your CD/DVD vendor for replication or duplication of that media. Here are some helpful tips for creating a high quality master:- Always use high quality media.

Five Tips to Become a Soundbite Genius

1. Speak in soundbites to everyone.

Adding Sound To Your Web Site - The Good, The Bad And The Ugly

Many webmasters like the idea of adding background music to their web sites but most shy away from doing it worrying about slow loading pages and large file sizes. There are many different ways to add background music to your site and some of them don't require large files to achieve professional results.

DVD Audio: An Introduction

DVD Audio is a music format that is designed to offer improved audio performance over CD. The new audio format can be used to provide listeners with Advanced Resolution stereo and/or multi-channel (up to a maximum of six channels) music.

Add Audio to Your Web Site and Increase Your Sales up to 35%!

Ok, you've got your site built, you have traffic coming to it, a good product at a reasonable price..

Eight Reasons Why You Must Add Audio to Your Website

NUMBER 1 : INTERNET USERS REMEMBER WHAT THEY HEAR Did you know that Internet users remember only 20% of what they read while remembering an amazing 70% of what they hear? Audio on your website will help your message stay with fresh your visitors for longer.NUMBER 2 : AUDIO INCREASES SUBSCRIPTION RATES Using audio to convey a personal message to entice visitors to subscribe to your newsletter will result in up to 400% more subscribers than using traditional subscription marketing methods.

Seven Ways to Warm Your Prospects Using Website Audio

Gone are the days when putting audio on your website consisted of subjecting your visitors to gaudy musical fanfares and various clichd sound effects. Fortunately, audio has now become a lot more sophisticated and new techniques that allow audio to be streamed have made it possible to use your own voice as a highly effective marketing tool.

What The Muscle Power of Audio Can Do for Your Site

How Audio can Influence SalesAudio can enhance your website by letting your visitor listen to your voice, which is the next closest form of marketing besides a face to face meeting.Who can use Audio?Anyone can use audio, it all depends how knowledgeable you are when it comes to designing your site.

Dont Use Web Audio The Wrong Way

Have you ever wrestled with a set of instructions, but then got so frustrated with it all that you threw them aside in a fluster and tried to figure out how to do it? yourself?Resulting in?Making a great big mess of it all?Similarly, if you really want to use Web Audio the right way, the way that WORKS, then you need to know what DOESN'T work.Here's what many people do, pretty systematically? to hinder their marketing and audio responses:1.

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Radio World

Corporate Audio Streaming Connects With Staff
Radio World
NEW DELHI, India — In a bid to better connect with their employees and keep them engaged at work, Amazon India and Infosys are streaming in-house internet radio to their facilities in India. The streams feature a mix of popular music and employee song ...


Mixcloud, the audio streaming platform for long-form content, raises ...
Mixcloud, the London startup that offers an audio streaming platform designed for long-form content, has closed its first-ever funding round, TechCrunch has learned. According to a regulatory filing and since confirmed by co-founder Nico Perez, the ten ...
Jeffrey Katzenberg's WndrCo invests in UK audio streaming platformL.A. Biz
Mixcloud Raises $11.5 Million From Jeffrey Katzenberg-Led ...Variety
Mixcloud Raises $11.5 Million From Anthony Saleh's WndrCo ...Billboard
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Drake's 'Nice for What' Earns Third-Largest On-Demand Audio ...
Drake's “Nice for What” not only starts at No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100, but it also makes a splashy debut on Billboard's Streaming Songs and On-Demand Streaming Songs charts, bowing atop both lists dated April 21. While the 60.4 million-stream start ...

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Music companies call for video streaming royalties law change
According to the International Federation of the Phonographic Industry (IFPI), which represents thousands of major and independent record companies all over the world, 1.3 billion users listened to recorded music on video-streaming services last year ...
Global recorded music industry revenues grew 8.1% in 2017 to reach $17.3bnMusic Business Worldwide
Global Recorded Music Revenues Grew By $1.4 Billion in 2017Music Industry Blog
Tencent Music Plans IPO; Valuation Could Exceed $25 BillionWall Street Journal
Deadline -Deadline -The Industry Observer
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Coherent Chronicle (press release) (blog)

Audio Streaming Market is expected to show significant growth over the forecast period
Coherent Chronicle (press release) (blog)
However, subscription based services was the largest revenue generating segment in the audio streaming market. Moreover, consumers in developed economies prefer premium content with paid subscription as against free services. Requirement to capitalize ...

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Android Authority (blog)

Google testing local video and audio streaming for Chromecast
Android Authority (blog)
Chromecast users will soon finally be able to stream local video and audio natively without resorting to a third-party app. The stupidly long-awaited feature is currently in testing as part of the Chrome beta channel, but you can try it out for ...
Run Chromium with flags - The Chromium ProjectsThe Chromium Projects
The Chrome team is currently experimenting with making it even easier to stre... - Google PlusGoogle Plus

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Sonos reveals which of its speakers will get AirPlay 2 support
As Sonos speakers exist in a standalone wireless ecosystem, and can therefore connect with one another, the upcoming switch to AirPlay 2 could be confusing for consumers. For example, if a user has an AirPlay 2-enabled Playbase in the living room and a ...

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Getting a bakkie-load done in a comfortable and stylish manner
Business Day
VW has grabbed one from the parts shelf that features a decent touchscreen, navigation, Bluetooth telephony and audio streaming. It's a nice system and while it is not quite as graphical as the one in a Ford Ranger, it helps alleviate the mundanity of ...

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After a Decade of Bootstrapping, Mixcloud Closes an $11.5 Million ...
Digital Music News
Mixcloud is often plunked in the shadow of SoundCloud, though these musical 'clouds' are now quite different. These days, SoundCloud is emerging as a hotbed of 'Xanax' rappers, while Mixcloud is emerging as a longer-form audio content platform. Now ...

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U.S. to Remaster Economic Data With Digital Streaming and Vinyl ...
(Bloomberg) -- The U.S. government's economic data will soon catch up with digital reality for consumers and detail spending on streaming video and audio services like Netflix and Spotify. It will also acknowledge the comeback of an analog standby ...

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